/5 Golden Rules For Content Marketers (Bloggers)

5 Golden Rules For Content Marketers (Bloggers)



1. Know the aims and objectives of your content (niche)

2. Your articles must be tone friendly

3. Make use of your personality and voice

4. Make your content easy to read

5. Plan your content before writing and proofread after writing

Now, let me elucidate each of the golden rules for content marketers that wants to make it big and succeed in marketing their contents both offline and online. Drop your comments or questions under the comment box anything you do not comprehend I will do well to attend to it.


1. Know The Aims And Objectives Of Your Content


Firstly, as a pro content marketer or seller you need to know and recognizes your audience, know what they love and want also know what exactly that can solve their problems because no one will love to waste his or her precious time leveraging what cannot profit him or her anything. So know what the problems of your audience are with that you will know the right content to write that can sell very lucratively.


After identifying the problems of the readers or the audience, all you need to do is to conduct a research on how to solve their problems either freely or pro, so after conducting your dense research, put in into writing as pdf or you my record it as audio or as video solution based, so long it solves their problems surely they will patronize you very well. Continue in the process, any problem you come across amongst your readers, proffer solution to it and you are automatically a pro in the field of content marketing for it I a lucrative business to venture into.

2. Your Articles Must Be Tone Friendly


Secondly, the contents you write must be tone friendly. That is all your articles must be written in a very simple and correct English and also must be tone friendly with how you write and the tone you used while writing must be inclined to your niche (field) so that you can easily captured the minds of the readers and do follow links and action link so they can buy your ideas.


When your tone is steadily and always tone friendly, you do not lose readers but when you alternate your writing tone, you may lose readers very important not to lose your viewers because without your readers/viewers your content is nothing. Strive to impress your audience by giving them solution oriented contents that solved their problems practically when applied or followed.

3. Make Use Of Your Personality And Voice


Never you imitate how others tone their contents or how they pattern their writing just stick to your way of producing contents because as a blogger we said content remain the king in the game, so likewise to you also as a content marketer. Write the way you speak and talk is very important in your writing ministry as a content marketer.


From your content and the comments, you received from viewers and readers also you will know how to write produce your contents and how to solve more of their problems. Many readers always drop their questions and problems on the comment box, so do well to always check comment section by approving and replying to their comments this is very lucrative, for it keeps your readers because you make them feel they ae following real human as you do well to reply and approved their comments on your posts.

4. Make Your Content Easy To Access And Read

Do not make use of unnecessary gramma because not everyone is interested in the gramma to straight by hitting the nail on the head and people will love it more in a simple and correct English language that any average person could understand without consulting the dictionary. It will make you reputable not just that, it will also help your readers to understand your content very well without any confusion of leaving them perplexed at the end of the article which is not call for.


Keep your contents easy and simple to read because it will also help you not to lose readers daily. Just keep it solution based even though the content might be short but let it contains detailed information on the topic of interest you are writing, not just that; let your content also provide solution to the audience because definitely, nobody will patronize a content that do not feed him or her withy the right info he or she is looking for. So keep it simple and solution based, I repeat.

5. Plan Your Content Before Writing And Proofread After Writing



Writing requires time and ideas. Without an idea to write on you cannot start writing also without you investing your time to write out the ideas you have already conceived you cannot write out your contents still.


Planning Your Content Needs;



  1. Time to write


Make out time to write your ideas out because without your time investment you can never put your ideas into writing.


  1. Ideas to write on


Make sure you acquaint yourself around natural places that can give you ideas to write on, also read good books about your content niche so you can broaden your knowledge based in the field.


  1. Motivation to write


Find out things that can motivate you to write also things like music or been in a clean and quite place that can help you motivate positively it will be easy for you to write when you stayed motivated.




In summary, ideas, time and motivation cannot be left out when we talked about golden rules that will help you market your content very well. Make sure you conceived this very idea before writing, then find time to write them out inclusive of you been motivated to write. Final words for you pro content marketer, always know the aims why you are writing, know and understand what your audience needs and want at a particular time, trends, and seasons.








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