1. Not promoting and advertising your contents regularly
2. Not optimizing your content headlines
3. Creating of poor quality contents
4. Choosing quantity contents over quality contents
5. When you avoid making enough post contents
6. When you avoid Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Let me now explain in details all the aforementioned mistakes I listed, read carefully words by words and understand the content very well, anywhere you do not understand at all or anywhere you are perplexed make use of the comment box and ask your questions and you will be attended to as soon as possible so feel free to express yourself via the comment box please it is because of you I am here writing great and unique articles daily just to meet your needs.


A content marketer must also have the skills of promoting and advertising of his or her contents regularly because a content written and not promoted is equals zero sales and meaning the efforts of the content writer is in vain all the time wasted on articles writing will be nullify of you cannot promote and advertise your contents regularly.
Advertising takes a strategic skills ad plans on how to run the adverts either as a paid advertisement or freely but each of the types of advertisements has its advantages and disadvantages.


For the paid advertisements involves your money working for you as you relax yourself ad maybe doing free advert inclusive but when I talk about the free advertisements involves you using your own skills and manpower to make adverts on daily bases either physically or on the social media for example; like the facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, telegram, medium and so many others to help you gather visitors and prospective buyers.


When it comes to optimization, you cannot do away with how you write your content and headings or other words your headlines must be welled optimized so that your articles can be easily seen on search engines when they searched for related contents and subjects to be seen on search engines.
Optimized your contents headings/headlines very important that is make the headlines catchy not just catchy but also make it to be what the people are searching for on the search engines daily doing this will make your contents available for many users of the internet because is also a solution based contents.


In creating of articles or contents, you must avoid creating poor quality contents in the name of you want to make posts regularly no no no, it is not done that way please. Take your time and create quality and unique contents for your users to make use of because the authenticity of the contents also will determine how you gain new readers to your blogs daily so work hard on that to make yourself standout amidst other bloggers in your niche entirely. Avoid poor content creation.

When you create unique content, people trust you. When you create quality and unique contents people refer others to come and read your blogs. When you create unique and quality contents the people’s problems are solved and they will be happy that your contents solved their problem. When you have a unique content on your blogs people contact you to make contents and write articles for them at a penny so you can see that good and legit works pays highly.


When you choose to make your posts so bulky without any sense that is what I called suicide mission because it cannot convert and no one will know about your contents in any way and it cannot rank on search engines because it has a very low quality to be seen on search engine. Strive to make all your posts quality ones instead of those posts been quantity and has no value to provide to the users in any ways.

Make your posts available in a simple English language too rather than using grammar and full of errors in the contents. Make it short, easy to read and understand also make it user friendly because no one wants to waste a whole day trying to access a certain information on the internet because they are billions of information products on the internet everywhere.

Uniqueness of the content matters compared to bulkiness of the content so strive to make it useful to the users out there. It will help you gain more trusted readers on the blog daily, weekly and also monthly bases if your content is useful you will also have useful readers on the blogs too, but when you have less unique and less quality content on the blog, less quality less and small readers.


Avoiding making enough posts on your blog equals to avoiding enough traffic and readers on your blog because content always remain the king of any blog, and readers always remain the earning power of the blog owners. Make search on the topics to write about on daily bases and write them down proofread them also before you make posts on the blogs to avoid minor errors on the articles or contents on the blog.

Enough posts on the blog is very lucrative ideas on the blogs as it serves as earning power to you the blogger. Never you avoid making research before writing in other to make your content latest as it is a solution based content. Create time for yourself to write unique articles it is a very good investment on your blogs.


SEO means search engine optimization that is a process where search engines on the internet get your blog ad websites pages ranked on search engines like; bing, yahoo, and google search engines amongst others. For you to make your contents optimized, you will need to work on the headlines of your content and then the body of the articles so in order to make it ready for optimization on the web.

When your post titles and articles are well optimized it will be easy to rank any page on the search engines any day anytime. If your pages and blogs articles must rank well on the internet you must never avoid SEO as you make posts on your blogs. As a WordPress user, I will advise you make use a certain plugin called yoast plugin on your blog, it will help you with most SEO work to be easier than ever before. SEO is great weapon to blogger if you must make a fortune.

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