How To Start A Profitable Blog In 2020 And Make Money Online 24/7

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How to start a profitable blog in 2020 and make money online 24/7

When we talk of web blog we are talking about website an online journal where you can write and published articles of thy own choice and also thy own field and expertise. Now, let us talk about blogging and how to start a web blog (blog) in this lucrative and favorable year 2020.  Firstly, the basis prerequisites to start a web blog are;


1.  Your interest in thy own niche
2. Picking of a niche domain name
3. Choosing a registrar to register your domain with
4. Choosing your hosting company
5. Coding/designing of the web blog
6. Choosing a platform to operate with either blogger or WordPress
7. Setting up the web blog
8. Getting articles ready
9. Publishing the articles
10. Making the articles SEO oriented (Searchable)
11. Promoting your website (blog) and driving traffic to the website
12. Monetization of the website for profit

In details , the elucidation of all the aforementioned prerequisites on how to setup a profitable business online and make money in this 2020. Let me now walk you through the explanations one after the order.

1.  Your interest in your own niche; now when we talk about niche selecting we are talking of you selecting the field in which you know best and can be able to teach and write in them (niche) proficiently. For example like the news niche or business niche if you are an expert and passionate journalist you can consider going into online publication of news and with time you can profit from it. Likewise a business consultant, you can go into teaching people how to setup and start lucrative business and with no time you start earning from your knowledge.

2. Picking of a niche domain name
Here, you pick a matched domain name to your niche and you are okay with it and also good to go because you will also rank well on search engines when searched for.

3.  Choosing a registrar to register your domain name with

Here you choose a name domain providers company like Godaddy, namecheap, whogohost etc. Anyone that suits you and you love their services you go in and buy a niche domain name with them.

4.  Choosing your hosting company

You choose a hosting company that best meets your niche demands in terms if speed and support , choose wisely.

5.  Coding/designing of the web blog

Here we talk of designing the blog in a way that meet your demand and taste because I discovered that visitors (readers) loved visiting a blog that is sexy and juicy you know what that means already.

6.  Choosing a platform to operate with either blogger or WordPress

Making a choice of a platform to operate with on your blog is another thing entirely, chose also wisely because it’s dependent on the functions and services you need on your blog. My candid advice is just that blogger blog platform has limited functions if want to go far, try WordPress , you will never regret it. Profitable business NG loves you.

7.  Setting up the web blog (blog)

After choosing a platform to operate with, the next in line is making the modalities of the chosen platform that is designing it on platform based designs to get what you want from your website.

8. Getting articles ready

This is where passion comes in, because without passion you can’t be able to write a single post. Aside passion you need to be updated knowledgeable enough in the industry where you choose to write or blog about. After getting/writing articles, next is to head into your admin page on your website and publish it but never fail to optimized your articles its very important.

9.  Publishing the written articles

After writing all the articles needed, you may chose to write biweekly, weekly or monthly on your blog but those on the news niche you must be ready to write every time of the day.  Remember, content remain king of the jungle when we talk about online publication.

10. Making the articles SEO oriented (searchable by search engines)

Its all about SEO meaning search engine optimization, here all you need to do is to make little research on the context you are writing about then boom you can also get premium SEO plugin if you are using WordPress, it will help you a lot.

11. Promoting and driving of traffic to the website

Here I regard promotion most especially traffic as a queen to the bloggers. We promote our website in many ways, physical advertisement, online advertisement, paid advertisement like Facebook adverts, Instagram adverts, and all other advertisement methods you may know of , because when people don’t know about what you are doing or your blog its equals doing nothing at all. Learn to promote wisely via social media.

12. Monetization of the website for profit

After all is set, another huge and great success is to monetized the website for profitable income because I guessed and guessed right anyone who get a website (blog) is to make money from the BLOG.


1.  Google AdSense
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Selling of physical products
4. Memberships and subscriptions
5. Selling your BLOG


Setting up a blog only requires you to be passionate, also purpose driven human you must be a futuristic folk in order to excel and outstanding amidst others in thy profession. Be passionate, be consistent to be stand strong in all you do it pays not just pay but it pays hugely.  Drop questions in the comment box or contributions. Thank you for reading.

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