/Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2020

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2020

Profitable Affiliate Marketing in 2020

What’s affiliate marketing?
Who is an affiliate marketer?
Who is qualify to use affiliate marketing?
List of profitable affiliate marketing programs?

Now, the vivid elucidation.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is as the name implies, is a market whereby an individual or a company help self a certain company’s products or service’s siphoning for a commission. In other word’s, is a kind of market where you help a company sell their products or service’s then they will pay you commission based on the percentage accrue for that very product of services. Some companies pays 5%, 10%, 15%, to 90% of the income the products or a services so sold.

I’ll recommend you to join click bank affiliate marketing programs for the pay high per product sales. Click bank pay very well though is not allowed in Nigeria but we still have ways of doing it to allow those in Nigeria participate fully without any interruption and challenges. Wish you good luck.

Who’S An Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer, is a person who help other companies or individual sell their products or services for a commission. So you will be called affiliate marketer immediately you ventured into this online business and making money online becomes an hobby to you like so many of us lol. As an affiliate marketer, you need to conduct market research always , daily , weekly and monthly in order to know and understand the kind of hot products and services the people out their want and need at a particular time because some products and also services are only but seasonal.

Who Is Qualify To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Any one is just ready and qualified to be an affiliate marketer if you understand the metrics and methodology of the INTERNET and many websites from their you are ready and set to start up your affiliated market shop online.


1. Facebook (pages, groups, timeline)o
2. Instagram
3. WhatsApp groups, status
4. On your affiliated website
5. E-mail
6. SMS
7. Listing sites. Like; Jiji, olx amongst others.

Some Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs To Venture Into

1. Konga affiliate marketing
2. Jumia affiliate marketing
3. Namecheap affiliate marketing
4. Domainking affiliate marketing
5. Clickbank affiliate marketing
6. ShareAsale affiliate marketing
7. EBay partners
8. Price line affiliate marketing
9. Travelocity affiliate marketing
10. Expedia affiliate marketing
11. Life fitness affiliate marketing
12. Ultra beauty affiliate marketing
Amongst many others.

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